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The 7 Stages of Repatriation

Coming home after spending a long time abroad is a strange process. In some ways it can feel good to be back with friends, family, and everything familiar; but other times it can feel like all your happiness was slowly drained out on the flight ...Read More

In Search of a Hobby: Learning to Uke

“What are your hobbies?” asked one of my new classmates on a warm, sunny afternoon as we sat on the college green. Um. Hobbies? I quickly wracked my brain. Some people might count this blog as a hobby, I guess. I do like photography. ...Read More

When Friendsgiving is Thanksgiving

The term Friendsgiving seems to have come into some amount of popularity over the past few years. Friendsgiving, if you don’t know, is a separate Thanksgiving celebration usually held the weekend before or after the holiday when friends gather for another meal. I fully ...Read More

I Moved Again…and Other News

Since I last blogged I spent 10 days in Seattle, a weekend in Cincinnati, five days in North Carolina, and about 36 hours in Detroit. Oh, and I moved to London. If you’re following me on Instagram or Twitter you’re probably already aware of this, ...Read More

Delicious Delivery Options in Korea

Being an expat can have its downsides. You miss your family and friends. You miss watching live sporting events. You miss food. You miss beer. You miss convenience. Luckily, there are a few enterprising people here in Korea who have started businesses to help ...Read More
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