Germany Archive

Drinking Kölsch in Cologne

Germany is one of my favorite countries in Europe, so the decision to visit my friend Kasey in Cologne was an easy one. A chance to see my friend again AND explore a new German city. Flight booked. I didn’t really know much about ...Read More

Coming to Terms With History in Berlin

Berlin is an interesting city to visit for many different reasons. With everything that Berlin has become known as in recent years- a hip city full of artists, street art, all nigh raves, and an international food scene- it is easy as an outsider ...Read More

A Guide to Street Art in Berlin

I love street art and I don’t care how cliche it is to like street art, and Instagram street art, and blog about street art right now. There’s just something about the sometimes political messages, social commentary, and intense creativity that resonates with me. ...Read More
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