Poland Archive

Krakow in Spring: A Photo Essay

My trip to Poland wasn’t a total fail. Although Warsaw wasn’t my favorite place I’ve ever been and I felt a little disappointed by my trip to Auschwitz, I immediately fell in love with Krakow. The sun was shining and flowers were in bloom. ...Read More

The Horrors of Visiting Auschwitz

I had long dreamed of visiting Auschwitz. In fact, the entire reason behind wanting to go to Poland in the first place was so I could visit the former Nazi concentration camp. You see, I’ve forever had a strange fascination with the history of ...Read More

The Lowdown on Polish Food

While I love visiting countries like Italy and Thailand where I know I love the food, there is something equally as exciting about visiting a country where I know next to nothing about the cuisine. That’s how I felt in Poland. While I grew ...Read More

On Not Being Wooed By Warsaw

When I arrived in Warsaw it was nearly midnight. The city was lit up beautifully with skyscrapers glimmering in the distance and the opera house and old cathedrals floodlit in white. I thought about everything I’d heard about Warsaw before I left- that it ...Read More
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