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Expat Souvenirs: My Koreanisms

It’s inevitable that when you live somewhere long enough you’ll begin to pick up some local habits, whether intentional or not. I like to think of these as expat souvenirs. Little things you bring back with you.  Expat souvenirs could be the way people ...Read More

How to Get a (Good) Au Pair Job

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my time as an au pair in Rome.  Although my experience with my first family wasn’t great, I would still recommend working as an au pair to anyone looking to go abroad. If you are a ...Read More

Friends, Living Abroad, and Traveling

You may have noticed that the blog has been quiet the majority of the past two weeks and for this I apologize.  Going silent isn’t the best way to build an audience and while I don’t have any truly great excuse as to why ...Read More

Celebrating Korean Independence Day

I’m taking a break from the Bali coverage today to write about a special holiday to the Korean people.  On August 15 of every year Korea celebrates its liberation from Japanese occupation.  At the end of World War II the defeated Japan was forced ...Read More