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Singapore Wrap Up

With only 2.5 days to visit, an illness, and the fact that it’s such a small country, it’s already time to wrap up Singapore. I’m still a little disappointed I didn’t get to experience Singapore at my healthiest (I still want to try chili ...Read More

What I Ate In…Singapore

This post isn’t going to be quite as long as thought it would’ve been. When I planned a trip to Singapore I imagined 2 days of pure gluttony, moving from hawker center to restaurant to hawker center in search of the city’s best eats. ...Read More

Sightseeing in Singapore (While Sick)

On my last day in Manila I woke up with the chills, body aches, nausea, and a general hatred of my body for failing me at such an important time. I had important plans. Plans that involved eating my way around Manila (and hopefully trying ...Read More
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