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A Road Trip Reunion in Scotland

Early this year I cut my original plans to spend all of April traveling around central Europe in half for a truly great reason- a chance to reunite with 3 of my best friends from college. Alicia and Kasey were both in Europe on ...Read More

What I Ate in London: March

I’m about to leave to catch my (nine hour) bus to Warsaw and the other people in this hostel common room are screaming and listening to Spanish pop music at full blast making it difficult to concentrate, so this intro will be short and ...Read More

A Day at the Seaside in Whitstable

I’ve always felt comforted by the sea. I come from a state surrounded by fresh water, but it’s the large bodies of salt water that have always had a hold on me. Some of my best childhood memories are of building sandcastles on Long ...Read More

What I Ate in London: February

February was a busy month, but in a good way. Though I had a lot going on I still found time to do a fair amount of eating. I only managed to cross one restaurant off my must-eat-in-London list (Seoul Bakery), but managed to ...Read More

A Wander Around Notting Hill

There’s just something about sunny Sundays that make me want to get up and do something. So when I woke up on Sunday to clear skies all plans to study for my quickly approaching media law exam were abandoned as I went to have ...Read More
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