Snapshot Sunday Archive

Snapshot Sunday: Bar Harbor, Maine

This week’s Snapshot Sunday comes from Bar Harbor, Maine. In 2010, when I lived in Philadelphia, my friend Alicia and I took a road trip from New York to Maine. It was, like a lot of things I do, a bit haphazard (I passed ...Read More

Snapshot Sunday: Asakusa, Tokyo

This week’s Snapshot Sunday comes from Tokyo, Japan. On my last morning in Tokyo I went to check out one last neighborhood before my flight. The Asakusa neighborhood is home to two important religious buildings, Senso-ji, a Buddhist temple, and Asakusa Shrine, a Shinto ...Read More

Snapshot Sunday: Busan, South Korea

This week’s Snapshot Sunday comes from Busan, South Korea. I really enjoyed weekend getaways to Busan during my time in Korea. The seaside southern city had a completely different vibe than Seoul. Besides a much more laid back attitude, Busan is also the home ...Read More

Snapshot Sunday: Klungkung Palace Bali

This week’s Snapshot Sunday comes from Semarapura, Bali. I made a short stop in Semarapura while driving from Candidasa to Ubud when I visited Bali in 2011. It was a perfect stop to grab a quick bite for lunch and to take a quick ...Read More

Snapshot Sunday: Florence, Italy

This week’s Snapshot Sunday comes from Florence, Italy. In 2009 I spent nearly a week in Florence in between au pair jobs. On my last day I took the bus up to Piazzale Michelangelo to see a view of the city. I arrived before ...Read More

Snapshot Sunday: Mureung Valley, South Korea

This week’s Snapshot Sunday comes from Mureung Valley in Korea’s Gangwon province. Mureung Valley lies between the mountains of Dutasan and Cheongoksan. They valley is home to many waterfalls, streams, rock formations, and a beautiful Buddhist Temple. I visited in the fall of 2011 ...Read More

Snapshot Sunday: Louisville, Kentucky

This week’s Snapshot Sunday comes from Louisville, Kentucky. My parents moved to Louisville a little over 3 years ago so it has become my base when I go back to the United States. I was less than thrilled when my parents decided to move ...Read More

Snapshot Sunday: Seoul Lantern Festival

This week’s Snapshot Sunday comes from Seoul. Each November the city of Seoul hosts a lantern festival along the banks of Cheonggyecheon stream downtown. Different years have different themes and when I visited in 2012 the festival focused on the lives of Koreans in ...Read More

Snapshot Sunday: Prague, Czech Republic

This week’s Snapshot Sunday is from a trip I took to Prague in 2009. Prague was an appealing weekend destination for me mostly because I wanted to see this wall dedicated to John Lennon in my quest to visit all the Beatles landmarks around ...Read More