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What I Ate in London: January

In addition to my New Year’s resolutions, I’ve also made it a goal to check out more of London’s dining scene this year. Eating out in London can be expensive, but there are some good budget places out there. And really, eating at a ...Read More

Netil Market: My Happy Place

London has a lot of markets. Like, I think about 90% of my weekend plans that don’t involve bars or pubs revolve around a market of some sort. This is not a problem because unlike markets in Asia, which I usually find to be ...Read More

Eating the East End: A London Food Tour

When I announced I was moving to London, everyone I talked to was extremely enthusiastic. They were planning their trips and talking about their favorite places to shop and what free museum is the best. The only (supposed) negative they kept bringing up? The food. ...Read More

What I Ate In…Malaysia

If my last post didn’t have you scouring the internet for flights to Malaysia, this one might give you the extra push toward financial irresponsibility that you need. Because it’s about food. Delicious Malaysian food that, if you’re anything like me, you might not ...Read More

What I Ate In…Singapore

This post isn’t going to be quite as long as thought it would’ve been. When I planned a trip to Singapore I imagined 2 days of pure gluttony, moving from hawker center to restaurant to hawker center in search of the city’s best eats. ...Read More
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