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Drinking Kölsch in Cologne

Germany is one of my favorite countries in Europe, so the decision to visit my friend Kasey in Cologne was an easy one. A chance to see my friend again AND explore a new German city. Flight booked. I didn’t really know much about ...Read More

A Move Toward Craft Beer in Hungary

Like many countries in Europe, Hungary is currently in the midst of a beer revolution. Bland mass produced brews are being passed over in favor of of carefully crafted microbrews, bars serving only the best in Hungarian craft beers are popping up all over ...Read More

Beers of Korea

Ask pretty much any expat about beer in Korea and you’ll probably get a similar response. It sucks. Lauren of Lateral Movements wrote a great post about this subject a couple months ago, lamenting on the lack of choices for beer drinkers in Korea. ...Read More