Life Lately + A Christmas Giveaway

Hey, remember me? The blogger who has so much to write about but rarely writes? I’m still here.

My biggest problem over the past almost 3 years of blogging at Farsickness has been consistency. I’ll set up an editorial calendar, all ready to crank out a back log of posts, and then a week or two later I’ll find myself playing catch up again.

I just can’t force myself to write.

I can crank out articles for clients or at work, but when it comes to writing this blog I have a hard time finding the words I need when I don’t feel inspired or when I’m tired and stressed from other aspects of my life. It’s unfortunate, but I’m trying to come to peace with that. To not let myself feel even more stressed because I can’t write here.


What have I been up to recently? 

Working, mostly. I started working full time at my internship after Thanksgiving, which is one of the reasons I haven’t been posting. I used to get a lot of writing done in the mornings before I’d go in, but now I don’t have those few hours to get things done. On the weekends I work at my neighborhood coffee shop which is one of the highlights of my week, actually. Then 5-10 hours I spend there on Saturdays is one of the few times where I don’t feel stressed.

I’ve also started a new online project because I’m obviously a masochist and never want to give myself a break. I’m not quite ready to announce what it is, but the site will go live in early February and I’m REALLY excited about it. Watch the blog and social spaces for updates.



Other than that I’ve been sampling a wide array of Christmas beers and hitting up every free glass night I can find in order to add to my pint glass collection. My childhood dream of seeing live racing at Churchill Downs came true. I’ve booked a couple flights for trips in January and February next year.



Oh, and I’ve been getting ready for Christmas.

As I get older I find it harder and harder to find the Christmas spirit inside of me, but I’ve been trying my best this year. I even decorated a gingerbread house with my mom this weekend! In an attempt to spread a little more Christmas cheer I want to give all my readers- those who’ve stuck around through periods of silence, those whose comments bring me great joy, and even those who’ve just stumbled across this blog- a little present.

100 Farsickness readers can now send a free postcard anywhere in the world right from their iPhone with the app Postify! 


It’s the perfect way to send some holiday cheer to a friend or family member. Or send your old flatmate a photo of the two of you wandering London drunk. Either one.

All you have to do is download Postify from iTunes, choose a photo, write a message, fill out the recipient’s address, and use the code “farsickness” at checkout. No need for credit card details.

So, start sending and have a very Merry Christmas, happy other holiday, or just a great last 2 weeks of 2014. Y’all rock.

Disclaimer: Postify offered me a free postcard. Free postcards are awesome so I said yes. 

Who will be receiving a Postify postcard from you? 

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