My Ten Favorite Instagrammers

Recently Instagram has become my favorite social media platform. While I was skeptical when the app was first released (why would I use this instead of Twitter or Tumblr?), I’ve since become kind of obsessed. Yes, I am that person who takes ten photos of my food as soon as the sever has set it down and has to stop while walking down random streets in order to take the perfect snap.

Why do I love Instagram so much? First of all, it’s been a great way to improve my photography. Not that all the photos I post are fabulous, but it has helped me improve my framing and allowed me to see inspiration in everyday things. Additionally, Instagram is great way to stay connected to my friends and family back home without the annoying Facebook status updates. And obviously, it’s provided me some great travel inspiration and helped me add to my ever growing list of restaurants and dishes to try around the world.

While I don’t post everyday when I’m not traveling, I do check the app multiple times a day and I’ve found myself double clicking some users photos more often than others. Here are my ten favorite Instagrammers, in no order of preference.

1. julikasarah


Julika is kind of my Instagram idol. She makes everyday scenes look beautiful and interesting like few others can. When we were in Madrid she showed me her ways (she edited this for me), but I still fail to make my account as cohesive as hers.

2. moscerina


Erica’s Instagram makes me super Rome-sick. But in the best possible way. Her simple, beautiful photos show all the different sides of Rome’s unique personality. A must follow for anyone who dreams about the Eternal City as much as I do.

3. missunderground


The photographer behind this Instagram account, whose tagline is “a girl in love with the London Underground”, shows us Londoners a different side to the hot and crowded tube stations we are all so familiar with. I’m curious to know how she finds these stations so empty!

4. globetrottergirls


Dani and I both love street art and food and these two things feature prominently in her Instagram account which make it an easy favorite of mine. She’s on the road a lot, all over the world, but I’ve really enjoyed looking at New York through her eyes this summer.

5. amandakater


Amanda was actually a coworker of mine my second year in Korea but I’m not including her on this list because I know her. I’m including her because she’s absolutely hilarious, tells it like it is, and has a sick fashion sense.

6. alexinwanderland


Alex is my total photography crush. I even purchased the Canon 18-55mm lens because of her. And the photos she posts on Instagram are no less amazing than the ones on her blog.

7. helium_tea


Livia is another Rome based Instagrammer who I can’t get enough of. And it’s not only her photos of Italy’s capital that captivate me, her recent posts from Croatia have inspired some serious wanderlust.

8. legalnomads


I really fell in love with Jodi’s Instagram account while she was in Vietnam. Near daily photos of delicious soups and beautiful views of daily life in Saigon had me strangely nostalgic for a city I only spent a few days in. Even though she’s since moved on, her Instagram is no less interesting.

9. seoul_searching


Seoul isn’t known for being extremely beautiful in the way many European cities are, but Mimsie manages to turn that notion upside down with her pretty photos. She was recently in Japan and her snaps had me missing Asia something fierce.

10. aladyinlondon


Julie is a fellow American expat in London and her account is a lovely collection of photos from our adopted home and beyond. I know I’ll be looking toward Julie’s account for my daily dose of London when I leave next month.

And while we’re at it, don’t forget to follow me if you aren’t already!


Who are your favorite Instagrammers? 

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