See You in September!

I’m taking a little break from blogging. I know what you’re probably thinking. This blog doesn’t get updated regularly and I often just disappear for a few months, so why do I feel the need to announce a break now? Well, for my own ...Read More

My Ten Favorite Instagrammers

Recently Instagram has become my favorite social media platform. While I was skeptical when the app was first released (why would I use this instead of Twitter or Tumblr?), I’ve since become kind of obsessed. Yes, I am that person who takes ten photos of my ...Read More

The Best Bites in Budapest

In between admiring the beauty of Budapest, throwing back palinka shots at ruin bars, and recovering in the thermal baths, I found time to do a fair bit of eating. Like Polish food, Hungarian cuisine was fairly new to me. I mean, even the ...Read More

Knowing When It’s Time To Go

It’s been quiet for the past couple of weeks over here. Partially because I was in Cologne visiting a friend and then friends came to London to visit, but mostly because I couldn’t write. I would sit down in front of the computer and ...Read More

Krakow in Spring: A Photo Essay

My trip to Poland wasn’t a total fail. Although Warsaw wasn’t my favorite place I’ve ever been and I felt a little disappointed by my trip to Auschwitz, I immediately fell in love with Krakow. The sun was shining and flowers were in bloom. ...Read More

The Horrors of Visiting Auschwitz

I had long dreamed of visiting Auschwitz. In fact, the entire reason behind wanting to go to Poland in the first place was so I could visit the former Nazi concentration camp. You see, I’ve forever had a strange fascination with the history of ...Read More

The Lowdown on Polish Food

While I love visiting countries like Italy and Thailand where I know I love the food, there is something equally as exciting about visiting a country where I know next to nothing about the cuisine. That’s how I felt in Poland. While I grew ...Read More

On Not Being Wooed By Warsaw

When I arrived in Warsaw it was nearly midnight. The city was lit up beautifully with skyscrapers glimmering in the distance and the opera house and old cathedrals floodlit in white. I thought about everything I’d heard about Warsaw before I left- that it ...Read More