Giving Thanks

Tomorrow is my first Thanksgiving in the United States since 2008 and although it is not going entirely to plan (my mom is currently hospitalized with appendicitis) I am still excited to celebrate my favorite holiday with my family. While I mostly love Thanksgiving ...Read More

How Travel Has Changed Me

Since being back in the US I’ve spent a lot of time explaining to people what I’ve been up to for the past four years. This entails me listing off the places I’ve lived while trying not to sound like I’m bragging (I’m not, ...Read More

First Timers Guide to Asia

Asia is a continent many people only dream of visiting. For many, the green terraced rice paddies of Southeast Asia or the 24 hour neon lit big cities of East Asia are only faraway places, but never somewhere they would actually vacation. But Asia ...Read More

Drinking Kölsch in Cologne

Germany is one of my favorite countries in Europe, so the decision to visit my friend Kasey in Cologne was an easy one. A chance to see my friend again AND explore a new German city. Flight booked. I didn’t really know much about ...Read More

Amsterdam: The Greatest Hits

A few days after getting back from Scotland I was sitting in the living room with my flatmate Claire when we realized there was a bank holiday weekend coming up and decided that we had to go somewhere. We wrangled our friend Alicia into ...Read More