Drinking Kölsch in Cologne

Germany is one of my favorite countries in Europe, so the decision to visit my friend Kasey in Cologne was an easy one. A chance to see my friend again AND explore a new German city. Flight booked. I didn’t really know much about ...Read More

Amsterdam: The Greatest Hits

A few days after getting back from Scotland I was sitting in the living room with my flatmate Claire when we realized there was a bank holiday weekend coming up and decided that we had to go somewhere. We wrangled our friend Alicia into ...Read More

Why I’m Staying in Louisville

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said I was freaking out about being back in the US and couldn’t wait to leave Louisville and wanted to move to New York immediately? Well, that all changed. A few days after I posted that, ...Read More

A Road Trip Reunion in Scotland

Early this year I cut my original plans to spend all of April traveling around central Europe in half for a truly great reason- a chance to reunite with 3 of my best friends from college. Alicia and Kasey were both in Europe on ...Read More

Where to Stay in Central Europe

As a traveler on a budget, I’m no stranger to staying in hostels. Over the past five years of staying in hostels in the United States, Europe, and Asia, I’ve come to discover what kind of hostels I find the most enjoyable. I’m kind ...Read More

A Move Toward Craft Beer in Hungary

Like many countries in Europe, Hungary is currently in the midst of a beer revolution. Bland mass produced brews are being passed over in favor of of carefully crafted microbrews, bars serving only the best in Hungarian craft beers are popping up all over ...Read More

See You in September!

I’m taking a little break from blogging. I know what you’re probably thinking. This blog doesn’t get updated regularly and I often just disappear for a few months, so why do I feel the need to announce a break now? Well, for my own ...Read More

My Ten Favorite Instagrammers

Recently Instagram has become my favorite social media platform. While I was skeptical when the app was first released (why would I use this instead of Twitter or Tumblr?), I’ve since become kind of obsessed. Yes, I am that person who takes ten photos of my ...Read More