Everything You Should Eat in Detroit

Eating in and around Detroit is very special to me. I don’t get to eat in Detroit very often anymore and each trip back is like walking down a foodie memory lane of all the things I loved growing up. Secondly, the new restaurants ...Read More

Farsickness Monthly Recap: February 2015

At the end of every month I like wrap up my favorite moments, posts, Instagrams, and meals while giving a behind the scenes look at some of the moments that otherwise wouldn’t make the blog.  Is it too early to declare February the best ...Read More

The 7 Stages of Repatriation

Coming home after spending a long time abroad is a strange process. In some ways it can feel good to be back with friends, family, and everything familiar; but other times it can feel like all your happiness was slowly drained out on the flight ...Read More

Road Tripping Portugal’s Algarve

I rarely take road trips when I travel abroad. The fact that I can’t drive a manual and get pretty panicked when driving in places I don’t know well made me stay away from renting cars while on the road. In fact, until recently I had ...Read More

Farsickness Monthly Recap: January 2015

I’ve decided to reintroduce my old monthly recaps as a way to look back on what I’ve done the past month and what’s coming up. Also because I’m, oh, six months behind on blogging this will help give a real time glance into my ...Read More