Trying to Find the Cool in Indianapolis

I never thought I’d struggle with the decision to write a post about Indianapolis. The whole premise of this post, and my trip there, was to try to find something cool about the city, to try to find something interesting about a place I ...Read More

The Time I Went to Tecate for Tacos

Sometimes when you’re traveling you make some really great morning plans and then you end up closing down the bar and eating tacos out of your purse on a curb while waiting for your Uber and those awesome morning plans start to look a ...Read More

6 Reasons I Fell in Love with San Diego

There are some places in the world you visit and immediately see yourself living there. Sometimes there isn’t really a reason, it’s just a good feeling you get. I’ve felt that pull to settle in Athens, Saigon, Taipei, and Amsterdam. And now San Diego. ...Read More

Everything You Should Eat in Detroit

Eating in and around Detroit is very special to me. I don’t get to eat in Detroit very often anymore and each trip back is like walking down a foodie memory lane of all the things I loved growing up. Secondly, the new restaurants ...Read More

Farsickness Monthly Recap: February 2015

At the end of every month I like wrap up my favorite moments, posts, Instagrams, and meals while giving a behind the scenes look at some of the moments that otherwise wouldn’t make the blog.  Is it too early to declare February the best ...Read More
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