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More Than Just Paella: Learning about Spanish Food in Madrid

I’m a bit ashamed to admit that before I spent a weekend in Madrid I didn’t really have a good grasp of what exactly Spanish cuisine entailed. Sure, I knew paella and I’d been to a tapas bar or two in Chicago but besides that I was a bit clueless. So I made it my [...]

Madrid: The Greatest Hits

While much of my weekend spent in Madrid was spent getting to know new friends, I also made sure to spend a fair amount of time actually seeing the city and experiencing life in the Spanish capital. My love affair with travel was really cemented on a trip to Barcelona my junior year of college [...]

A Tale of The Internet, Friends, and Travel

A few months ago I booked a flight to Madrid to spend a weekend with three near complete strangers from the Internet. I’d met Ashley for a few hours at a Japanese restaurant a couple of years before, but I knew Jessica and Julika¬†only through their blogs. No one I told about this weekend away [...]

What I Ate in London: March

I’m about to leave to catch my (nine hour) bus to Warsaw and the other people in this hostel common room are screaming and listening to Spanish pop music at full blast making it difficult to concentrate, so this intro will be short and sweet. Here are a few of the best things that I [...]

The Life of an American Expat in London

I used to look down on people who chose to study abroad in places like London or Sydney. “What could you possibly learn when you study in an English speaking country?” I thought to myself. I saw living abroad as a way to immerse myself into a different culture, not a to live the same [...]

My Travel Planning Fail: Spring (And Summer) Plans, Again

Last month I wrote a post laying out my itinerary for a month long solo trip around Central Europe. Well, I’ve just left London with the intention of only completing half that trip. Why did I change my mind? The first reason was actually a practical one. I have three rather large university deadlines at [...]

A Day at the Seaside in Whitstable

I’ve always felt comforted by the sea. I come from a state surrounded by fresh water, but it’s the large bodies of salt water that have always had a hold on me. Some of my best childhood memories are of building sandcastles on Long Island while visiting my grandparents and that much anticipated week of [...]

Ten Great Things to Do While Travelling Around England

If you are planning on travelling around England, perhaps on a tour, then avoid the motorway network at the busiest times, especially early on Monday mornings and Friday evenings. If going for extended journeys, make a few checks before you set off. Make sure your vehicle is fit for the journey and consult a dealer [...]

When Your Heart is Halfway Around the World

The other day I woke up with a heavy, homesick heart. In my dreams I had been in Seoul. Ignoring the part of the dream where I kidnapped a small child at the wedding of my former boss, it was a perfect reunion with the city I called home for two years. But I woke [...]

Snapshot Sunday: Bar Harbor, Maine

This week’s Snapshot Sunday comes from Bar Harbor, Maine. In 2010, when I lived in Philadelphia, my friend Alicia and I took a road trip from New York to Maine. It was, like a lot of things I do, a bit haphazard (I passed through 7 states in one day!), but a lot of fun. [...]