Farsickness Monthly Recap: January 2015

I’ve decided to reintroduce my old monthly recaps as a way to look back on what I’ve done the past month and what’s coming up. Also because I’m, oh, six months behind on blogging this will help give a real time glance into my ...Read More

Where I’m Going in 2015

When I made the decision to quit my job in favor of location independence, I decided it didn’t mean just running off to the far corners of the world and never looking back. It means more than that. It means living life on my ...Read More

Why I Quit My Job to Travel (Again)

On Friday I worked my last day in an office for the foreseeable future. I quit my job to travel. Again. Five years ago I started working as a sales representative in an office outside of Philadelphia. I’d spent the previous four months drinking cappuccini ...Read More

The Great Greek Food Guide

Greek cuisine is popular in the United States, especially in metro Detroit where I grew up. There exists a chain of restaurants called Coney Islands which are half Greek diner, half hot dog shop. During high school these were a favorite of mine, and ...Read More

How To Bliss Out On Santorini

Santorini, the largest of Greek’s Cyclades islands, is arguably one of the most famous vacation destinations in the world. If you asked a bunch of Americans where they’d most like to go in Europe, I can bet that the Greek Islands would be mentioned ...Read More